Thrifty Foods - Holiday 2020 - Valid from 12/10 until 12/16/2020

produce jumbo green seedless grapes asparagus grown in mexico or peru grown in california on sale on sale per lb per lb bc anjou pears okanagan valley jet fresh whole samba papaya new variety bc red or green cabbage grown in victoria or on the lower mainland bc red beets grown in delta on sale on sale on sale on sale we pick we pick per lb each we pick first per lb per lb first stock up early! bc carrots grown in delta onions bc red or grown in alberta or washington yellow potatoes grown on vancouver island bc mcintosh apples the okanagan valley vancouver island produce bremium quality carrots carottes on sale on sale on sale on sale we pick we pick each we pick each each each first persbc farm fish first brar organic buck brand organic satsuma mandarins grown at deer creek heights ranch fraserland farms bc organic russet potatoes grown in delta organic champ's bc organic portabella mushrooms or sliced portabella oyster or shiitake buck brand citrus is exclusive to thrifty foods on sale on sale on sale we pick we pick per lb each bc fo organic first first organic buck brand organic grapefruit creek heights ranch bc organic ambrosia apples grown in the similkameen valley organic broccolette grown in california organic yams in california on sale on sale on sale on sale we pick prst perib each perib organic organic organic exclusive to thrifty foods sanlucar smile priced produce same great quality grown in spain or morocco seedless tangerines sanlucar growing citrus is a time honoured family tradition for growing oranges in spain sanlucar orange is a food experience - jorge and javier would not have it any other way was 9.99 ea mixed nuts while supplies last sweet potatoes or oriental sweet grown in california bc baby potatoes baby yellow grown in delta green beans grown in mexico paci pacific minis mini yellow we pick each each was 6.99 ea per lb first per lb mixed nuts was 4.99 ea tf_wk33.po2