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Running Room - The history

Running Room is a family run chain of retail stores selling running shoes. The company was established in 1984 in Edmonton in Canada by John Stanton. The concept of such a shop came to the founder's mind when he wanted to buy good quality running shoes, but did not know which one would be the best choice for him. This gave him an idea of not only starting a retail business but also educating people about running and the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

The very first shop was opened in a refurbished living room in an old house in Edmonton, and that's why is called the Running Room. The store quickly became popular thanks to a good quality assortment and knowledgeable staff members. The shoes that the shop was offering, from the beginning, were stylish, functional, done with the best fabrics and were reasonably priced.

Currently, there are over a hundred Running Room stores in Canada and the United States together. In the store, customers can not only get the best quality shoes from top brands but also, Running Room has its own brand which is extremely popular too. The Running Room is offering best customer service. All the staff members are runners and they have a great knowledge of the sport and best sporting equipment. It is also offering a variety of training programs to expand customer's knowledge about fitness life.