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deli deli salads excludes family size caesar avenue custom made salads lilydale oven roasted or smoked turkey breast vienna new york style corned beef per 100gr per 100gr off irish cheddar cheese vintage per 100gr simons meat pie continental continental dry wine chorizo or hungarian salami per 100gr chinese food "available at select stores only irish claddagh bo clαδδαgb βό aged irish cheddar grass metal medium almond chicken chop suey claddagh bo is a handcrafted irish cheddar cheese that is aged for 12 months and made from grass-fed cows milk cabbagh bo the name claddagh bo comes design of the "claddagh ring" is said to symbolize the qualities the term bo is gaelic for cow and its partnership in nature per 100gr medium sweet & sour pork deep fried prawns yogourt janno olympic lympic olympic olympic olympic danche activia rema krema organic organic organic activia olympic krema greek style yogurt danino drinkable yogurt olympic organic yogurt danone activia yogurt