No Frills - Valid from 12/02 until 12/08/2021

fresh is not a frill raspberries organic blueberries product of peru framboises ou ananas ou bleuets biologiques english cucumbers each concombres anglais ou tomates roma jumbo walnuts product of u.s.a noix géantes cauliflower mini seedless watermelon product of guatemala or mexico chou-fleur ou mini melons d'eau sans pépins lemon beo fernpoivrons hooges greenpepper poivrons verti dea prime time prime oranges timea farmer's market lemons navel oranges product of south africa or grapefruit product of spain citrons ou oranges novel ou pamplemousse green or red peppers product of u.s.a poivrons verts ou rouges celery of iceberg lettuce celeri ou laitue iceberg green or red seedless grapes raisins verts ou rouges sans pépins red mango each or santa claus product of brazil mangue ou melons pomegranates product of u.s.a grenades organic organic dhe tie green onions product of mexico or kiwi product of holy or greece ignons verts ou pc organics grape tomatoes product of mexico tomates on biologiques pc organics romaine hearts product of usa cours de lite romane reddi-bulk snacks selected varieties collations tan get pts when you buy* any 4 of the items below foodland roodland foodland anas dor gala carrots carottes kaki case farmer's market royal gala apples farmer's market carrots farmer's market yellow onions pc kaki persimmons product of ontario canoda rol grade product of spain