M&M Food Market - Valid from 01/09 until 01/15/2020

cooked sous vide for ultimate tenderness herb and garlic asparagus new! limited time only seasoned vegetable medley tangy barbecue save 40 $5 mani herbed red skin potatoes cajun-style chicken 5159 lemon and herb limited time only • seasoned vegetable medley seafood • herb and garlic asparagus medley sides vegetables garlic and rosemary potato wedges crispy fries onion rings sweet peas brussels sprouts onion rings 454 g 2 varieties crinkle cut fries 900 g pub fries mt 750 g .........eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee shoestring fries 900 g crispy fries 750 g tater nuggets1 kg potato wedges 750 g 2 varieties vegetable supreme 750 g rice and vegetable medley 750 g diced onions 750 g sweet peas 750 g brussels sprouts 500 g sweet corn 750 g broccoli florets 500 g extra fine green beans 500 g nanaimo buttertart chocolate chunk buttercream cheesecake choose from strawberry choose from 7 varieties canadian celiac association used under licence coffee cheesecake and cream bites choose from 3 varieties gluten free dessert bar variety pack peppermint nanaimo bar walnut brownie chocolate coconut bar each homestyle also available apple crisp peanut butter new! chocolate lovers woo bumble chocolate cake salt cakes blossoms choose from 4 varieties discover the taste of m&m | this weekend's tasting will feature • long grain white rice • brown basmati with wild rice • cilantro and lime basmati rice food market brown basmati with wild rice one