M&M Food Market - Valid from 01/02 until 01/08/2020

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M&M Food Market

M&M Food Market helps Canadians with preparing delicious meals. The company offers great service, convenient shopping experience and above all offer quality food. M&M Food Market has over 35 years of experience with delivery delicious meals to Canadian tables. The chain is still changing and become better for customers. In this shop, you can find everything you need. The best meals and frozen every day it is a good price especially for you.

m&m food market food stuffed chicken breasts choose from 6 varieties choose from 4 varieties bistro chicken ricotta and spinach save $150 made with pure whole white meat our bistro chicken only has room for the good stuff inside m&m gourmet chicken swiss each rewards special prepared with care™x slow cooked beef save $5 m&m rewards мам rewards also available chicken breasts save $7 supreme homestyle lasagna choose from m&m rewards special • supreme homestyle lasagna • cabbage rolls • shepherd's pie breaded haddock fillets up $3 save to save $3 m&m rewards special m&m also available battered haddock fillets shepherd's pie rewards special also available try this! chicken strips budding thai sweet and spicy dipping sauce 350 ml save $8 proud m&m rewards special voian com one