Fortinos - Valid from 03/11 until 03/17/2021

panezresco family meal solutions barbecue air chilled canadian grown grain fed spicy meatball • brie & prosciutto • funghi • bianco plain cheese eggplant • caprese potato & pancetta sliced banana & nutella • hawaiian • chicken pesto & artichoke • mediterraneo napolitano • sausage & rapini • delusso • montreal smoked meat • spicy cacciatore • meat lovers burt barbewu schicken et entier saisonne pc® bbq chicken save $2.50 roman pizzas whole slab each ziggys air chilled canadian grown raised without the use of antibiotics save $3 pf southern-style wedges or onion rings or mashed or scalloped potatoes and one 454 g ziggy's® salad pf tuscan-style includes one whole grain fed chicken or onion rings or mashed or scalloped potatoes each panefedere pf pizza kits comes with pane fresco pizza dough and pre-measured grab the kids and have fun making your version of save $5 pf side dishes* serves 10 or roasted broccoli each each