Fortinos - Valid from 10/14 until 10/20/2021

ice river green bottle bottled water you can feel good about our bottles are made from bottles! natural spring water - our bottles are also made from 100% recycled bottles are recycled again and again to make new green plastic bottles! we are the first beverage company in north america to operate its • our certified spring water is naturally filtered and rich in minerals • our green bottles keep over 5 million pounds of plastic out of landfills each year • our bottle is made from 100% recycled plastic • our bottle is recyclable - always recycle! simply crush and place in your recycling bin ecycled recycle ice river green bottle mway bottles bottles bouteilles distilled water eau distilée இகா costed genelor de la compatible with at home water coolers • front load and top load to learn more about our commitment to sustainability visit ice or contact us at [email protected] online 26