Dominion - Valid from 08/13 until 08/19/2020

locally farmed locally found nova agri group this group of farms began as a small family operation berries and an assortment of fresh vegetables canada multi atlantic less than 2 $1.69 ea radish bunch product of canada strawberries clamshell product of atlantic canada canada no.1 grade weather permitting canada canada green sweet peppers product of canada celery stalks product of canada each farmer dosta belleiste carotte arms accent cole slaw salade dechoux atlantic canada farmer's market carrots 2 lb or onions 3 lb product of canada canada no.1 grade canada belleisle coleslaw product of atlantic canada large cantaloupes or large cauliflower product of canada each issn meni camers man concombres canada multi multi less than 2 $5.99 ea less than 2 $2.99 ea canada greenhouse beefsteak tomatoes product of canada farmer's market mini cucumbers product of canada canada no.1 grade carrots product of canada bunch octobello canada pc organics portobello mushroom caps product of canada 4's canada atlantic green or wax beans product of canada white potatoes product of atlantic indros culture fres grandes oriental tous lor pula atlantic multi canada canada less than 2 $3.99 ea canada bean sprouts product of canada large broccoli product of atlantic canada green zucchini product of canada