Calgary Co-op HOLIDAYS 2021 - Valid from 12/02 until 12/08/2021

family size family size honey quake dan tim ion prote cheeri cheerios quaker hort ser grocery fritoria stel out oat crunch mond kors himenes hortons straw minute maid babet general mills cereal select varieties quaker instant oatmeal protein or high • fibre or steel cut • select varieties tim • hortons ground coffee • select varieties minute maid or fruitopia juice 1l select varieties builders mowy ger koolid pipps puter builders mini mio spring water caramel not or country time water enhancers select varieties founders quaker chewy or dipps select varieties clif for builders bars builders bars select varieties spring water old dutch restaurante mas vickles mas vickles borger tanpellegrino dos per ronale salsa avg dola kurti eanpelle.cmino gerlor soon mitle zevia old dutch restaruante tortilla chips select varieties miss vickies kettle chips select varieties san for pellegrino flavoured sparkling water select varieties zevia zero calorie soda select varieties dairy milk dairy milk dairy milk nutella nutella keel acetile mantver urodyrai camp caramilk camp 100% pure maple syrup 375ml select varieties hazelnut spread cadbury chocolate bars meetos red salade cheetos cheetos borre smo sidebar des boyardee mini ravioli boyardee beefaroni for selection quaker cheetos mac & cheese select varieties chef boyardee select varieties knorr sidekicks select varieties select varieties catell founders varmis long grain white rice catelli prego prego pink salmon போ dan catelu start farmers lasagna catelli pasta prego pasta sauce select varieties • healthy harvest select varieties clover leaf pink salmon select varieties founders & farmers long grain rice • 907g or lasagna select varieties det monts aroy-d conut mire aroy-d coconut hill d.smith re pumps del monte peach see pages wide e.d.smith gure pumpkin phoes del monte fruit select varieties • club house • one step seasoning • select varieties aroy-d coconut milk pure pumpkin tenderflake emocra lat honey maid plite abeille chapec oreo kingrumbs robin hood all purpose fede original robin hood all purpose tem unbleached tenderflake mr christie's chocolate robin hood all purpose flour 5kg select varieties tenderflake lard • founders & farmers chocolate chips select varieties christie honey maid waters or oreo crumbs • select varieties holiday must-haves 57 cal & gary's pecan clusters founders farmers swiss mountain cals carys pecan from every sale of these items will go to the calgary co-op foundation wkos-pg.8