Calgary Co-op - Valid from 12/27 until 01/01/2021

lemons product of usa fancy fresh produce ambrosia apples bc grown extra fancy mangoes imported alb navel oranges 41b bag product of usa fancy 4lb limes imported fancy papaya imported made in-store cale garys cauliflower product of usa cal & gary's pineapple spears asparagus imported iceberg lettuce product of usa alb made cale garys fresh express green & crisp wted croust in-store little company fresh little potato company express american camericaine bunny-luv baby cut carrots carottes coupées papoutseba tock cal & gary's veggie pasta baby potatoes alberta grown canada no.1 fresh salad blends product of usa baby carrots 11b bag product of usa onganic taste the goodness obcarig pearsoires sologique set organic bartlett pears organic raspberries or blackberries imported no.1 grade organic red seedless grapes imported bag ль product of usa earthbound farm organic organic green onions product of usa doganic celery hearts organic celery hearts product of usa organic kale product of usa exquisite bouquet 4" potted calla lilies floral 5" orchids kir royale add a handful of fresh raspberries to k oz creme de casis in a champagne flute