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Bowring - The history

Bowring is best known, very respected, family-owned Canadian retailer. The history of the company goes back to 1811 when English clockmaker and his wife came to Canada and started a business. In the beginning, Benjamin Bowring opened a watch shop, and his wife had a general food store. It was the wife's shop which became very popular, and the clock-making shop was pushed to the side and eventually forgotten. In the late 50' of the XIX century, the Bowring company became famous because of their ships, cargo fleets, and oil tankers. In 1911 Bowring ship was the one that Admiral Scott took for his unforgettable journey to the Antarctic, and the famous ship became a company's logo, which is still used now. Unfortunately after II WW most of the Bowring ships got destroyed, and the company was focused again on very famous at the time, groceries store, and decided to invest in retail. More than 100 small gift shops were open in Canada and in the United States.

The Bowring family took a break from a retail for almost a decade, but in 2000 decided to go back to the business and started to open high-quality home decor and gift stores. In the beginning, the shops were small in size and the offer was not too expanded, but thanks to their well-known brand, the shops were becoming more and more popular, and not the biggest shops were becoming big retailers. Nowadays there are more than 35 Bowring stores in Canada, and they are extremely popular. The company's headquarters is located in St. John's and it's still run by the Bowring family.