Will Warm Weather Kill the Coronavirus?

warm weather killing coronavirus


There are more and more studies coming out every day on how we, as a global community, can curb the spread of the highly infectious Coronavirus, known as Covid-19. 


Studying the Coronavirus

One such study, published in mid-March by researchers from Spain and Finland, found that 95% of infections globally have so far occurred at temperatures between about 28° and 50° F, and in dry climates.

A newer study has found that the new coronavirus, named SARS-CoV-2 (or Covid-19), didn't spread as efficiently in warmer and more humid regions of the world as it did in colder areas. 

Qasim Bukhari and Yusuf Jameel, both from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, analyzed global cases of the disease caused by the virus, COVID-19, and found that 90% of the infections occurred in areas that are between 37.4 and 62.6 degrees Fahrenheit (3 to 17 degrees Celsius)