The Misinformation We’re Fighting Against with Covid-19

misinformation coronavirus


It’s not just the Coronavirus that Canadians are having to contend with, it’s also the misinformation. People are afraid. They are in their houses hiding away from the world. The days are getting warmer and there’s sun in the sky. After a long, cold winter in all the Provinces of the True North Strong and Free, we can get restless. 


Misinformation may have Canadians wondering what they should and should not believe, which can cause tension and break down the obedience levels. Canadians have also had to digest a lot of unsettling information this week, which gets into the psyche. Then to find out, the information isn’t quite legit, that can cause a lot of problems throughout.

Interviews with Experts

West Block’s Mercedes Stephenson, Liberal MP Nathaniel Erskine-Smith and Dr. Jason Kindrachuk were all interviewed over the past week. They all said the same thing, which is that not just Canadians are having a hard time figuring out what is truth and what is a lie.

Commonwealth Efforts 

Due to the level of lying that is so easy to infiltrate into the mainstream, there is a group that is trying to negate this. As part of the Commonwealth, Canadians are also a part of helping out. Our politicians are part of a group of Commonwealth leaders who are advocating a website known as Infotagion. This site is meant for all of us to be able to fact-check what we’re hearing. So you’re only going to get legitimate news that has been vetted, tested, and straight up true.

It was the British MP Damian Collins who founded the site. He also had help from NDP Charlie Angus and Erskine-Smith, Canadian supporters of the project. They can see that the confusion of what is real and what isn’t needs to be nipped in the bud. 

Many of the politicians that are a part of the website project to maintain truth were also part of things like the International Grand Committee on Big Data. They made sure that people’s privacy and democratic rights were being protected. They all have an idea on how social media spreads a lot of lies and disinformation as well as violating people’s privacy.