Small Positive Things Happening in Midst of Coronavirus


In Italy, there were people singing on balconies to their neighbours. After dinner every night all around the world, we make noise to celebrate and thank health care workers on the front line. There are many things that will pluck at your heartstrings during this stressful time. It’s important that we can see the positive things that are happening.

How people have become more humane to each other. How the environment is recovering. How other species (wolves, elephants, and whales) are benefitting because the human species has had to take a “time out.” We can step away from fear when something touches our hearts. Here are a few wonderful stories that may get you out of a funk right now.


Lady Gaga Puts Together an All-Star Concert

Lady Gaga, along with the Global Citizen organization has put together a live concert for the world to witness. It is called, One World: Together at Home. There are all stars such as Billie Eilish, Stevie Wonder, and so much more that will be a part of the big event. It’s on April 18. Lady Gaga and the organization were able to raise over $50 million, which was donated to the World Health Organisation. The concert is merely to lift the world’s spirits up and boost morale. It is also to thank medical staff for all they’re doing. There are no donations being asked for. Hosts and special appearances will be made by Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel, Priyanka Chopra, John Legend, and Kerry Washington.