Precautions Taken By Truckers Bringing Goods into Canada

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Truckers bringing goods into Canada are taking precautions amid the coronavirus pandemic. Some believe it’s not enough and are concerned with how easy it is for truckers to get across the border. 


The long-haul truckers that bring goods into Canada play a big role in our lives. Their job has changed considerably due to the coronavirus. It’s important to ensure that they aren’t bringing COVID-19 into the country with them and infecting people along the way. The government has implemented a four-question screening as they come into the country.

Concerned citizens that live close to the borders are concerned that the screening isn’t enough, however. While the border is closed to travellers of the US and Canada, supplies still need to get through. Canada Border Services Agency is working with the Public Health Agency of Canada. 

Truckers are exempt from the border closure as well as the mandatory 14-day isolation period for travellers. It’s really important for truckers to monitor their own health and be hyper aware of symptoms that could ensue. It’s also important that they self-isolate while on the road. 

Meanwhile at the border, there are major changes said Stephen Laskowski, president of the Canadian Trucking Alliance. It took a great deal of planning and cooperation between both US and Canadians governments. Also the trucking industry had to make some major changes. This is to protect the truckers, the inspectors of goods, and everyone they come into contact with after.