Long Term Coronavirus Health Effects

Coronavirus Health Effects


There has been a lot of stress that has come on for citizens of the world when it comes to Coronavirus. We have barely had time to think about what all of this means. It truly is unprecedented what we’re going through. There are a lot of questions we grapple with. Perhaps one is, what would happen if you did catch the virus? Would you recover and if so, how long would it take? The survivors of Covid-19 have been tested and it shows that even once the pandemic is over, this isn’t really ending. Even if someone survives the virus, they might not be the same again. Doctors are quite concerned that patients who get past COVID-19 won’t necessarily get back to being 100% healthy again.


The Worst-Case Patients

Some patients had mild symptoms while others really suffered. It’s been found that in the really sick patients, the virus causes an all out assault on the body. Lungs become damaged so even when patients do recovery, the infection has lingering effects. Scientists in China have been conducting studies based on blood results in patients during the time they were hospitalized. For those that did survive whether they had mild or severe symptoms were not returning to normal. 

Furthermore, results from the tests showed that recovered patients experienced a continued impairment of liver function. Even after patients were tested to be negative, were cleared and discharged, their livers still hadn’t recovered fully.

Cardiologists also have to deal with effects of the heart that tend to be immediate (while a patient is in the midst of the illness). An early study in patients of COVID-19 showed that heart failure was seen in almost 12% of survivors. This included patient who hadn’t shown signs of respiratory programs during the time they were sick.