Ideas on How to Pass Time During Social Distancing Due to Covid-19


Some of you might be worried that you’re going to lose your minds staying at home. The Netflix options are running out, you’re sick of looking through information on what’s going on around Canada with Covid-19 today. You have been making all your meals, sitting down to enjoy them with whoever is in the house, and have been listening to podcasts. The human mind needs more than this to stay stimulated. If you’re starting to feel restless during this time, there’s a few ways you can pass time. Maybe you haven’t thought of them before. 


Zoom Chats

Zoom is all the rage right now. People are meeting up together and having a good hangout. If you opt for their free plan, you can talk to up to 10 people at once for 60 minutes. There are people coming together and having a glass of wine as though it was a Friday night meet up after work. You can meet up with your family members too. It’s a great way to have a video chat with a bunch of people you miss right now during social distancing. You’ll feel less isolated. 

Tune in To Spiritual Circles Online

It is a beautiful time to accept the free gifts that are widely available to you. Spiritual teachers are openly offering free guidance to help people come together and offer each other support. There is a lot of love out there and you can give some/get some through spiritual circles. There are full moon circles, women’s circles, and so much more. There will be a leader and she’ll guide you and the others through meditations and talk about positive aspects to help us through these times. It might not be your thing but perhaps during this time, you may be seeking out deeper aspects of spirituality.