Fighting the Amount We Waste During Covid-19



While there have been some incredible headlines about nature thriving due to Covid-19, there is one aspect that has gotten worse. Canadians are very dedicated to the zero-waste lifestyle. For some, it is a major part of their life. Now though, people are having to revert back to single use materials. One of the big ways people were reducing waste was by coming with their own containers and filling up from the bulk section. Not sure if you’ve been near the bulk section in a Save-On or Loblaws recently but they have blocked it off. Buying bulk is just too risky right now, which means people are having to buy packaged food.


You’re not allowed to bring your own containers or bags. Instead you’re having to use plastic bags once again. For some that have made it a part of their life to be environmentally friendly, this is a hard pill to swallow. 


You Can Still Repurpose

When things are busted, you can still repair them instead of replacing them with something new. Say you have a garbage can with a broken handle. Fix the handle instead of buying a brand new can. Repurpose glass bottles or other things that you don’t need. Everything has a purpose and now you’re going to have time to think about how these items can make your daily life better.