Delay in Downloading Plane Crash Data in Iran Due to the Coronavirus

plane crash iran ukraine coronavirus


A commercial jetliner went down in Iran in January, killing many Canadians. There of course is an investigation but it has currently been put on hold. Canada is asking Iran to delay the downloading of date from the black box because of coronavirus. Canada and the other countries that are involved have been waiting for months for Iran to give over the flight recorders so they can download and analyze what happened.


While Iranian authorities finally reach out last week, it’s not possible to hand off information because of travel bans that have been imposed worldwide due to COVID-19. Canada and other countries who sadly lost citizens due to the plane being shot down asked Iran to delay downloading and analyzing data.

Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752 was shot down by Iranian military on January 8, resulting in the death of 176 people on board. This included 55 Canadians and 30 permanent residents. The federal government in Canada has recently appointed Ralph Goodale to be an adviser on this investigation. This was due to families of those killed on the plane saying that COVID-19 was taking away efforts that would otherwise hold Iran account for what happened.