Coronavirus Changes How We Do and Plan Business

planning business during coronavirus


All over the globe, business owners are scrambling to adapt to restrictions on in-person communications, shutting down suppliers for every kind of business, and limiting the parameters owners are used to having in order to conduct business effectively.

From restaurants, to gym owners, and lawyer’s offices to electronics stores business owners are changing the way they do business, as well as how it relates to the consumer.


Buying a House

Realtors are now relying heavily on virtual home tours, as many of the steps in the homebuying process have been disrupted. Open houses are no longer an option with the complex rules of social distancing, not to mention the sanitation that would be required between visitors. 

Many of the steps involved in the actual purchase of a home have been available digitally for years, from signing papers on your computer, to applying for financing remotely. 

So while it is different to purchase a home these days, it is not impossible.