Atlantic Superstore - Valid from 01/09 until 01/15/2020

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Atlantic Superstore

The Atlantic Superstore was established in 1986, and from then until now, it is one of the most popular hypermarkets in Canada. Nowadays, people can to their daily or weekly shopping in one of 50 stores. Most of the stores, 28 out of 51, are located in Nova Scotia, 19 in New Brunswick and 4 of them in Prince Edward Island. The Atlantic Superstore is still expanding and the headquarters are in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

In stores' wide offer includes typical, everyday need groceries, frozen foods, clothing, electronics, and housewares. In some stores, there are extra services available like pharmacy, gas station, liquor stores or photofinishing.

If you're looking for the best weekly offers for household items, electronics, crafts, furniture, sporting goods, clothing, cosmetics or groceries from one of the best Canadian retailers, then you're in the right place.

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